Smt. Geeta Vahini

Geeta Vahini is President of the Hindu Prachar Kendra, an institution involved in Hindu Heritage Projects and Service Learning. Geetaji is a Ramayan Kathavachak for 32 years and has studied with Gurus both locally and in India. As a teenager she completed the Shikshak Training program of the Hindu Seva Sangh then went on to graduate in 1989 from the first two-year Hindu Missionary Course of the Hindu Prachar Kendra. Soon after she started conducting Satsangs and Yajnas across the country. Geetaji is an organizer and teacher in many Heritages Training and Sanskaar Camps for children and youths.
Geetaji has taught Hindu Education Classes as a volunteer teacher at Secondary and Primary Schools from 1996 to 2003 and a ‘Hindu Trinidad Module’ for Foreign University Students for 13 years. She is a composer, known for her local Phagwa Songs (Pichakaarees) and a pioneer of traditional East Indian Décor through a small cottage industry Kalaa Kutir.
In 2004 she was granted a Scholarship by the Hindu Prachar Kendra to study at Suddhananda Ashram, Chennai where she completed a two-year Vedanta Course. She then moved on to Tulsi Ghat, Varanasi where she studied Ramayan and Ramlila with Mahant Prof. Veer Bhadra Misra. In 2008, after her return from studies and Ramlila research in India, Sumarie Harrymungal- Ramsingh was ceremoniously ordained Geeta Vahini by an assembly of Pandits, Community Leaders and Elders at the Hindu Prachar Kendra.

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