Dr. Sai Ramakrishna Susarla


Visiting Faculty

Dr. Sai Ramakrishna Susarla has a 20-year long career in systems software research and development with multinational corporations. Most recently, he was a technical director at NetApp in Bengaluru. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from University of Utah, Salt Lake City, the USA, and M.Tech in computer science from IIT Kanpur. He has close to 20 research publications and 30 patents in the areas of large-scale software architecture, data management, and analytics.

On a different side, he has a deep passion for and long association with the Samskrit language, Indian spirituality, and music. He has been a long-time tech volunteer for Samskrita Bharati, a social organization dedicated to spreading Samskrit literacy as a mass movement. His latest area of focus is making India’s native knowledge more accessible and understandable to the younger generation. He believes in training people to bring modern technology and Vedic studies together. That is what draws him to the MIT School of Vedic Sciences, where he works as the Dean.

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