Acharya Mrityunjay Trivedi

Acharya Shri Mrityunjay Mani Trivedi hails from Uttar Pradesh, India. He holds a Master of Theology Degree in Dharmashastra from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi (Kashi), India.  He is a former student of Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Sanskrit Gurukul, where his love and passion for Sanskrit language and scriptures got initiated.  His entire youth was dedicated to learning Vedas, especially Yajurveda and Astrology, Philosophy and Karmakand.  He is proficient in Hindu scriptures, such as Bhagavat Gita, Ramayana, Bhagavatam and Upanishads. 

As a priest, Acharya has conducted different pujas and rituals, such as prana pratishta, yagnyas and all sixteen sanskars. He has an innate interest and enjoys giving pravachans on scriptural topics. He is currently the resident priest at the Hindu Temple of Antelope valley in California.

Acharya’s passion for teaching started at a very young age. He has assisted in teaching at the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, India. His interest in teaching has continued on to both adults and youth through community outreach activities. He conducts weekly classes teaching Sanskrit language, ancient scriptures, chanting slokas and vedic hymns. His focus in teaching is geared to understanding the meaning, the context and real-life application of the scriptural materials taught. He is fluent in Sanskrit, Hindi and English languages.
Besides his main vocation involving Hindu scriptures, Acharya has also taken active interest in women’s rights in dharmashastra and has demonstrated environmental consciousness by participating in the preservation of biodiversity. Additionally, Acharya is proficient at singing and playing musical instruments, such as Harmonium and dholak.

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