Mrs. Pallavi Amin

Mrs. Pallavi Amin, M. A (Samskritam) and Bachelor of Education, is a teacher by profession and was teaching in a school based on Integral Education philosophy, in Mumbai before moving to Florida in 2021. She also holds an Engineering Diploma and worked in the IT industry for a few years and successfully ran a business in Computer hardware.

Her love for Samskritam made her change her course of life and got her into the field of Education. She worked as a teacher for Devavaani courses for children by Samskrit Bharati in India in 2020 and has been teaching Samskritam since then. Currently she is teaching Samskritam to children for Agatsya Gurukulam in the USA.

She has keen interests in music, understanding Hindu culture, Sanaatan Dharma, Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. She also pursued Hindustani Classical music in India before moving to Florida.

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