Ms. Adriana Salazar

Co-ordinator, Visit India and Study Abroad Program

Adriana has grown professionally and personally in a career in hotel management where she developed the dedication towards serving people around her. She seeks to bring wellness in a holistic way with a commitment to all-round human development. This has led her to experience and learn different healing techniques and practices such as Yoga, Thai Yoga massage, art therapy, and Ayurveda.
Currently Adriana is the director of programs of Sangha Latinoamérica – A social movement that combines the following three fields of work in Colombia: Yoga, the revitalization of ancient traditions
and cultures and the reconstruction and development of a sustainable social fabric, by providing an education for peace, where vulnerable children develop a sense of self-worth, purpose, and responsibility for their own existence. 
Adriana has designed the Visit India and Study Abroad programs for Hindu University of America and she guides students both on their journey to India, as well as their inner journey in discovering themselves. 

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